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i'm carla jimenez live on campus. a san jose state professor has made a new documentary that unveils the lives of muslim women ...i'll have the live report. you won't have to travel back east anymore to pay tribute to the fallen victims of the vietnam war. april is autism awareness month and big corporations are joining forces for the good of the cause. update news starts now. hello and welcome to update news... im pedro garcia. and i'm elizabeth olveda... thanks for joining us. students dress a number of ways on the san jose state campus...but for some women what they wear is not just fashion...but a cultural statement. update news reporter carla jimenez is live on campus. the viewing of a different type of documentary was presented this week in the dr. king library. "just a piece of cloth," was directed by sjsu professor rosemary henze. it concentrates on the topic of muslim women who chose to wear, or not to wear a veil, also known as the hijab. ">>>the documentary is based on four different muslim women, with very diffefrent beliefs of why they choose to wear or not
... thanks for joining us. san jose state has a new associated students president. he was elected this week. update news reporter bobby dupree gives us a look at his plans. ">>>screams and shouts filled the air as the results to the a.s. presidential elections were announced. junior business major, nicholas ayala, won the position in the record breaking ten percent voter turnout elections. only three percent of eligible students voted last year. "im feeling pretty good right now. i was kind of nervous to see what the results were actually going to be but now that the results are out i am excited to see what next year has in store." "out of all of the candidates i was very happy that he was the one elected. i think that, considering the issues that students are facing right now. he will be a very strong advocate for students." with the elections over and his position solidified, some may wonder, what ayala's plans are for the new year. "one of the biggest changes is a.s.'s presence will grow over the next year substantially and then once people are able to know what a.s. is, everything else
out at a walmart in san jose. a driver crashed into the store and then starting attacking customers. our crews got to the walmart on story road as they were pulling the car out. it went about 30 feet into the store. look at that. the driver side swiped several cars in the parking lot before crashing through the entrance. police say he then got out of the car and started hitting people with a blunt object. police say they don't know what caused the man to lose control but think drugs may be involved. he was taken to jail and his name has yet to be released >>> some sad news here. olympic gold medalist and former san jose state sprinter ronny ray smith has died. he attended san jose state during the speed area of the '60s under coach bud winter. he won the 400-meter relay at the 1968 mexico city olympics and made a world record at that event. he died yesterday in los angeles, 64 years old. >>> a san jose firefighter who almost died on the job last year is just hours away from suiting back up and getting back to work for day one. frank ryan had a heart attack while fighting flames at s
in the hospital including a 40-year-old mother after an out of control car crashes right through a san jose home and goes into the living room. this happened yesterday afternoon near leigh high school. a silver car spun out of control, a red bmw spun around and crashed into a nearby street sign. a nurse and a former police officer saw this all happen and rushed into the home to help. >> we saw the mom laying face down and her legs were twisted behind her back. >> the mother's 9-year-old daughter was found in the rubble. she only suffered minor injuries. her 4-year-old son was not hurt. coming up at 5:00, bob redell will have a live update including whether either driver will be facing charges. >>> a pair of day area daycare owners getting ready to make their first court appearance after they were charged with multiple state licensing violences. police arrested nazila and lida sharif and charged them with neglect, abuse and swaddling which is not allowed at daycare. they bound the children so tightly they were restricted. all of the babies were between 7 and 11 months old. three of them have uppe
in the wake of the tragic boston marathon bombing. update news' chris chandler took a look at how san jose state students have reacted. ">>>the 117th annual boston marathon was marred by deadly blasts this week, as two improvised explosive devices detonated, killing three, and wounding scores of people. "nat sound "explosion" among the dead was martin richard, an eight year old boy. president obama addressed the nation from boston, offering strength and support to those affected. "as you begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you, your commonwealth is with you, your country is with you, we will all be with you as you learn to stand and walk, and yes, run again. of that i have no doubt, you will run again." standup: among the more than twenty five thousand participants, many parts of the world were represented, including here at san jose, which produced at least fifty runners, including s-j-s-u kinesiology professor matthew bejar, who is thankfully not listed among the dead or wounded. to answer the call for aid, many of san jose state's assorted fraternities and sororities
location in the south bay after all. the san jose city council has rejected the conditional use permit to build a new mcdonald's across the street from hyde middle school. the permit was denied last night on a 4-7 vote with concerned parents and members of the community protesting the new location saying the fast food restaurant would bring new cars to already busy streets. >> san francisco's brand new exploritorium opens to the public today at the new location with more space, new exhibits, and an an out of this world light show for the next couple of nights. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there at the pier with a preview. >> it is opening day. inside the new exploritorium you will see how exhibits. the only show is not just inside at pier 15. outside the building, tonight and tomorrow night, they will have a light show outside of the exploritorium free for anyone, eye candy for people who are passing by and not just a bunch of lights dancing on the wall there is serious science. the company made ten small copies of the building facade and used natural phenomena to create affect
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is the san jose police arrest two juvenile following this destructive accident after a car rammed into a san jose home, injures a hour and her daughter the result of teens engaging in illegal and potentially deadly street racing. good morning, police just wrapped up a news conference saying that juveniles remain arrested for reckless driving and high speed. neighbors say this is just the latest incident. this crash happened on lee avenue around the corner from lee high school. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at the scene in west san jose. amy? >> news comes as a relief to people who live here. they want something done. a woman told us she has seen the drivers before speeding and driving out of space control. neighbors are devastating this happened, of course. there are some flowers a woman just left for the family for when they are able to return to the home. devastated here, yes, but they say they are not surprised. >> people living on or near lee avenue in san jose say it was a matter of "when" a ter
with parents, teachers and students to address the issue of driving safely. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >>> this crash brings back horrifying memories for a mother. her daughter was killed three years ago while driving in a neighborhood a few miles away from yesterday's crash. her daughter died on impact after being hit during a race in 2009. snowe was 20 years old at the time and driving home after buying milk and cookies. she wishes parents would teach their teens cars are not toys. >> a car is like a loaded gun to me. you have an accelerator. that is the trigger. if you pull the trigger and shoot, it's the same as driving a car. >> two men, 19 and 22 got the maximum sentence for killing her. >>> a 45 minute chase ends with a damaged patrol car and two people in custody on the peninsula. it started around 9:30 this morning in the santa cruz mountains and came to an end on 280 in redwood city. police in santa cruz began searching for a gray honda involved in a hit and run. the honda was spotted by sheriff's deputies who were able to flatten the car t
. >>> the funeral for a san jose paramedic shot in a drive-by is set for tuesday. quinn boyer will be remembered at saint teresa in oakland. police are possibly getting closer to the person who shot him. officers say they have recovered a car linked to the crime. someone shot and killed boyer on keller avenue in the oakland hills last week. a witness reported seeing a suspicious car in the area on that same day. investigators are not sure if the shooting was part of a robbery, attempted carjacking or road rage. so far, there are no arrests. >>> the convicted child molester who was spotted working at a children's fair at a catholic school in san jose is now heading back to jail. he was sentenced yesterday to 30 days in county jail for violating his probation. he's a registered sex offender who was allowed to volunteer at a carnival held last fall. he admits he did violate his probation even though he had a letter from the diocese giving him permission to be there. the diocese later said that that letter was not authorized and the letter should never have been written. >>> a month after a man was
>> in san jose, a century old victorian is gutted and in dangerf collapse following a devastating fire. the building held a famous local business. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is in san jose with more. >> check out what is left of the beautiful old building, it is still standing, there is concern it could topple. it is standing this morning. you can see the inside is destroyed. it is just gone. look at what firefighters were up against last night, the call came at 9:30 at 7:02 south first street in san jose. firefighters say it took an hour to knock down the fire. the old two-story wooden building was built in 1884. >> they had a construction that allowed the fire to travel through the walls. it started on the first floor and traveled through the walls to the second floor. the fire travels faster in these structures. >> the building has been many things, a black smith, a bicycle shop, a saloon. in the 70's a man bought it and he is okay. he moved out a couple of weeks ago. there are firefighters here watching over it. they got here a few minutes ago. this is not the team that
around san jose. completely different story. for the coast, south of san francisco, we have patchy fog, gusty conditions inland. highs in the mid-80s. 70s and 80s today and trending cooler. highs today, san francisco, still climbing into the 70s. 78 in oakland. closer to 80 in san jose. mid-80s inland today. what you will notice in the seven-day forecast, temperatures starting to drop off start willing tomorrow. you'll notice a little bit of cooling effect as the winds turn on shore and then morning miss the coming our way. your forecast for the weekend looks pretty nice. >> the weekend always looks nice despite the forecast. we are looking to 880. look at the tail lights northbound bunching around high street. a traffic break a few minutes ago. you notice the lights pushing you over have cleared. they are moving crews from high street and north of there. you may see another traffic break coming through downtown. to are a couple of minutes, there was some slowing. lighting up yellow slowing through that area. no problems. those things should clear up in the next few. you are okay on yo
will lose one controller every day maybe more. here in the bay area today, sfo and manetta san jose experienced no delays. sources at sfo said four employees there were furloughed today. ktvu's deborah villalon was live as they rolled out furloughs there. >> reporter: this tower went dark over an hour ago. it's closed overnight. it will reopen at 6:00 a.m. for another busy day of small planes, business jets and commercial flights and fewer controllers to manage the mix. >>> a rise in airlines prepared for take off to los angeles. one of nine flights keeping this santa rosa terminal busy today under the watchful eye of the tower. down by at least one controller, maybe two. the one who answered said he was too busy to talk about it. >> who knows, today was the first day of sequester that's probably why we were late. >> reporter: this flight from seattle delayed a half an hour. a mechanical, not staffing related delays. but passengers don't need these fliers to warn them about furloughs, many have heard and don't like them. >> because that's not going to do the economy any good. we all
the coast on highway 1 in san mateo county. officers tell us that car was stolen out of san jose. >> the driver led officers on a chase through residential streets for about 45 minutes until it ended on interstate 280. a man and a woman inside that car were taken into custody. you can see the officer standing outside the vehicle. looks like it was crashed. a patrol cruiser got in a minor crash during the chase but no injuries were reported. >> good morning, thank you for join ugs. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. people living in one south bay neighborhood say mail theft is becoming a problem. but a postal inspector we talked to said it doesn't have to be. in san jose two people say their mail was stolen as recently as last week. the local post office confirms with us that complaints in this neighborhood are on the rise. the inspector officer we spoke to said preventing mail theft is as simple as preventing a bad habit. >> don't leave your mail overnight. put it in a blue collection box the post office but do it before the last collection. >> the postal inspector says if
. >>> checking in on other news, san jose police are searching for a hit and run driver who injured a police officer near the hp pavilion. a man leaving a concert found a burglar in his car, which was parked in a near by lot. they believe the suspect then jumped into his own car and took off. right before hitting the officer who was directing traffic that officer is recovering with a broken leg. >>> police are looking for a person who slammed a stolen car into a staples. dri crashed into the office supply store after 5:00 this morning before making off with goods. when officers arrived they found a green honda which had been reportedly stolen in berkeley. investigators are searching through surveillance video and interviewing witnesses that may have seen the suspect get away. >>> a new phase of construction is starting today on the bart rail extension to san jose. that means several lane closures an detours in the coming days. future work will effect traffic on some other busy streets as well like dixon landing road and capital expressway. the first leg of the extension from fremont down to
of the san jose walmart. turns out he has had a run-in with police in the past. this is exclusive video from december 12th, barely missing two employees. haamid zaid was hiepd the wheel. shocked to hear that he wasn't already in jail. court documents show zaid told officers he had snorted meth earlier that day. he is due back in court tomorrow. >>> san francisco supervisors debating the roll of surveillance cameras in bars. more liquor licenses are being approved under the condition that bar owners record customers coming and going. now the goal here is said to be fighting crime. but supervisor scott weiner says it should only be used in fighting crime. >>> into a south bay high school. assemblyman bob wokowski, department of general services to sell the now closed agnew developmental central to the santa clara unified school district, serving up to 2,800 students. the rules committee will meet later today to discuss that bill. agnew's closed in 2009. >>> new details on what may have caused a massive water main break in san francisco, ultimately flooding a total of 23 homes. city officials s
bart to the south bay. the project is first in san jose where crews will dig for new tracks. the route is ten miles long. it will run from south fremont to san jose. the san jose bart extension is expected to open in 2018. to help you avoid the construction today we will go back to leyla gulen for a look at the alternate routes. >> good morning, everyone. in san jose, that is where we will see the bart construction project. it is called the bart silicon valley extension project that will last from seven to nine months from monday through saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but here are the alternates you go from here to the sierra. also, capital avenue will run parallel to the closing so that will help you avoid the detours. give yourself extra time. >> and there is another bay area transportation project. crews will begin the interstate 80 rehabilitation project with the repair and repaving of an 8-mile stretch of the highway affecting traffic in both directions. the $40 million project will be completed by fall of next year. >> sold in sacramento officials will hear chall
are an appropriate law enforcement tool. >> san jose mayor is putting pressure on major league baseball to make a decision on a plan to move the a's to his city. the mayor wants a face-to-face meeting with the commissioner to kick start the process that has been dragging on for four years. the giants oppose any a's move to the south bay as they claim they have territorial rights to san jose. however, san jose officials are threatening to go to court to challenge the giants' claim and bring the a's to the bay area biggest city. a personal meeting could help resolve key issues and avoid litigation. >> coming up on 4:35 and we want to get you a check of the weather to plan the day. mike? >> we start with a live shot, all the cloud cover, low cloud cover looking down from mount tamalpais this morning, you can barely see the light of san francisco trying to shine through the clouds this morning. we are off to a foggy start again. keep an eye on sfo for flight arrival and delays and can you do that with flight tracker at same for oakland and san jose but under these conditions it is usu
a chance to find today. a job fair being held in san jose as far as nbc universal's hiring our hero's program. they have 40 positions available and are hiring dozens of businesses. there will be plenty of businesses doing the same today. from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the american legion post in san jose. bob redell is headed there. he will give us a preview coming up >>> san jose mayor, chuck reed, is getting the brushoff for baseball commissioner, bud selig. he asked for a personal meeting to say what is holding up the move of the a's to san jose. selig responded a few days later telling him to talk to the commission if he wants any kind of answers. reed tells that he is going to follow up on the commissioner's suggestion looking forward for a response. >> maybe he will say, hey, i was going to pay. >> something like that. >> great temperatures we saw yesterday just as you told us. it was going to be a warm one, christina. beautiful. >>> it was a really nice day. today, we are going to lose 10-15 degrees of the warmth. make sure you get on out there later on today. that's when yo
to start with. 59 degrees, just one degree away from freezing. excuse me. from 60 in san jose where last week, we are close to freezing. i get two thoughts ahead of myself. that's a good thing. temperatures at 10:00 a.m., warm. 79, fairfield. 75, concord. these are your 10:00 a.m. temps. look at where we are headed by noon. we are cranking the heat and not just today. every single day this week. we'll be at 88 degrees at ñplunchtime in fairfield, 88 in antioch. rounding out the day in the 90s, 81, fremont. 76 degrees in san francisco. some of your beach temperatures are going to be down right perfect today and the heat stays on all week. quieter now than it was last night. so 880 moves nicely north of the tail lights past the high street high rise on the toll plaza. another east bay's troubled spot. westbound heyw westbou westbound highway 4, just a little slowing. antioch, fine headed to pits brg. bay point, slowing popping up. a new crash reported around willow pass road as folks are headed toward that on the side of the road. some debris reported on the road. some slowing. it slows t
lives. >> he told san jose police that he lived here on seaside in monterey county. but it turns out he doesn't live here at all. zaid's mother came out of the house and did share insight into her son. she said she didn't know her son was even in town. i asked if zaid had any dispute with walmart but she didn't think so. he worked as independent auto repairman. in our own background check, he lived in concord, vallejo, sacramento and even out of state. his mother said he has never been in trouble. house belongs to elderly grandparents and she is trying to shield them about the incident. now, the investigation continues into what was behind the incident at walmart's story road store. she was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and being under the influence of drugs. he is being held at santa clara county jail. the incident was out of character according to his mother. she and other family members are still trying to digest what happened. 33-year-old hamid zaid may not have had any previous brushes were law but under the influence of drug charges and facing hit-and-run and re
francisco right now. you can see, it is 54 degrees. san francisco over toward oakland and san jose. look at the temperatures inland. 69, livermore, 68, santa rosa and napa. wind direction is the story. gusty in the north bay hills into the east bay. 10 into san francisco. that's the reason why. off to a mild start this morning as the air moves in higher elevation, descends, compresses, warms up and dries out as it heads closer to sea level. get closer to sea level at 70 degrees. 17% humidity in livermore, napa, 14%, the humidity in santa rosa. with the winds kicking up, air quality in the moderate range. as the sea breeze turns stronger, improving air quality levels. no improvement in the pollen count. take your pick there, ash, oak, mulberry. still warm inland, mostly 80s. 70s and 80s. as the fog continues to thicken up the marine layer. it deepens up over the next couple of days. that will lead to much more widespread cooling come tomorrow and into thursday. still near 80 in san jose. cooler in santa cruz, 72. mid-80s out towards the tri valley as we head towards the inner bay. numbers
is under arrest accused of poisoning the orange juice at a starbucks on snell avenue in south san jose. she replaced two bottles of orange juice with bottles from her bag. the bottles allegedly had a mixture of juice and rubbing alcohol inside. alert customers noticed the woman's suspicious behavior. a starbucks employee was able to get the woman's license plate number as she drove off in her car. police arrested her at her home last night. >>> a follow up to a story we first brought you sunday night hours before a fire ripped through a vacant motel in mountainview. police arrested someone on suspicion of trespassing at that property. only nbc bay area was there to get video of that fire. firefighters say the flames spread quickly, because the building did not have any sprinklers. a dozen units were damaged. we are happy to report, nobody was injured. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. police, well, they arrested that suspect and the trespasser sunday afternoon about five hours before the flames broke out. at this hour, it is unclear if the arrest is linked to the fire. >>
and the department is still trying to figure out a motive. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc, bay area news. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to quinn and his family. thank you, arturo. >>> president obama heading west this morning. he's from the white house. first in colorado pushing gun control. then landing in the bay area for what's called a whirlwind trip. this is video from this morning as the president took off from andrews air force base. he's expected to land in denver in an hour and a half. from there he'll get back on "air force one" and land at sfo 5:30. the president set to attend four separate fundraisers during his stay in the bay area. two events today are a cocktail hour in san francisco and a dinner at the getty mansion in pacific heights. tomorrow the president will attend a brumpbl and lunnch and atherton. the democratic committee set up a website where you can buy tickets and rscp for atherton. the brunch reportedly costs about $32,000 per plate. lunch tickets a lot cheaper starting at $1,000 per person. >>> the mayor trying to speed up a long awaited decision to brin
is in the green area. mary an faf vo joins us in san jose with the debate. >> reporter: i'm here at the doems own winchester boulevard in san jose and this is a place where many people in the area first watched the movie star wars and other blockbusters. if it's redeveloped, the doems could come down. with santana row across the street, some say turning this area into mixed use development just makes good economic sense. but some neighbors here fear a development will only add to the heavy con jex in the area. >> my biggest concern will be the traffic because the trask here can be unbearable, especially during the holiday season with valley fair and santana row. that would be my biggest concern. >> reporter: this lot could potentially be turned into 500 square feet with commercial space with the potential to add housing too. so another develop to santana row is possible. merchants we talked to have xed feelings. some welcome to potential customers but others say they do not need more competition. this site has only been available for two weeks and the company that is handling it says they've rece
san jose is often measured by what you have more of. this success story, though, is about what the city boasts less of these days. less trash in the streets, less gum on the sidewalks, less graffiti on the wall. >> my streets are beautiful. >> chuck hammer is not only grateful for the improvement, he is in large part responsible. hammer's owns the pizza my heart restaurant chain. while it has grown to 20 outlets in a little more than 20 years, it was here in downtown san jose that hammer sold his first slice. >> it all started here for me. and i've always said i got to do a giveback to san jose. we're going to find a way to make everything look great. >> so in 2008, with city budgets getting smaller and city streets getting dirtier, hammer and other downtown property owners came up with the ideas for ground works, a property-based improvement district. they would tax themselves 7 cents per square foot with the money being spent making downtown san jose nicer. armed with a $2 million budget, ground works took over street cleaning, took over garbage collection, took over graffiti
immigration reform. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> not just the bay area. we mentioned washington, d.c. which was also buzzing today. take a look. >> we've been here before. but this time, it's different. we are different. washington is different. >> a massive rally, thousands of immigrants and activists rallied at the capitol. senate leaders say a bipartisan plan is in the works for what we mentioned, that path to citizenship and a guest worker program. the guest worker program includes 200,000 permits by the year 2020 in farm, factory, and construction work. opponents are calling those plans unfair to u.s. citizens. >> 10 million americans are looking for jobs in those occupations, can't find one. 7 million illegal workers hold those jobs. >> it is a big debate. the last major immigration reform dates back to 1986 during the reagan administration. "nightly news" bill continue our coverage at 5:30 with brian williams. >>> crank up the ac. we take a look outside in the south bay. beautiful, sunny, a hot day across the bay area. chief meteorologist jeff ran
been broken into and fiber optic wires had been cut. then just before 2:00 a.m., san jose police in in santa clara county sheriff's office received reports of gun shots. deputies checked out a residential area but didn't find anything. then just after 3:00 a.m., pg&e notified the sheriff's department that someone had broken through its fence, gained access to the substation and vandalized five transformers. the damage resulted in a hazardous materials leak into the substation area. the sheriff's department says a high-powered rifle was used to fire multiple rounds at multiple transformers and equipment. >> we believe that the perpetrator or perpetrators were familiar with systems. they knew where to go for the fiber optic. they knew where to cut. they also were able to take out some very, very critical parts of the pg&e substation. >> reporter: both incidents happened within a half mile of each other. at&t will have staff working overnight to restore the power. they hope to have it fully restored at the latest by tomorrow morning. we're live in south san jose. i'm arturo santiago
i'm saushe young live on campus.... san jose state students want to keep control of the student union....i'll have a live report. students voted to make s-j-s-u a smoke free campus...what does this mean for student smokers? and social media is becoming a source for news...but is that always a good thing? update news starts now. hello and welcome to update news... im chris chandler. and i'm tiffani tofani... thanks for joining us. with the future of the student union unclear.... s-j-s-u students stated their stance this week. update news reporter saushe young is live on campus with the story...saushe? theres a big debate going on on campus right now about who should control the student union, and other non-profit entities known as auxliaries. and this week some students made their feelings known. ">>><< take pkg - runs : 1:28 ..std outcue" ">>>students carried signs into morris daily auditorium monday to make their feelings know to univerity president muhammod quyomi. the students main concern was that the univeristy administration is planning to take control of the student union
and then start attacking customers inside the store. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago is live at the san jose store where the bizarre car crash happened. >>> a partially boarded up entrance is the sign that someone drove their car in here and on the other side of the store. the chaos started just after 11:00 yesterday morning. the suspect drove into the parking lot of this walmart super center on the 700 block of story road and rammed into a couple of cars, several cars actually. after that, he intentionally crashed through the doors of the market and pharmacy entrance. got in about 30 feet and hit a beer display. the suspect got out of his car and started going after his customers in the store with what witnesses say was some kind of metal pole. people fought back. they wrestled him down and held him until police arrived. >> i heard this big crash. what was that? i was looking around and see all these people screaming and running with terror on their face. i have no idea what went on. what happened, what happened? they are all screaming and running toward the exit. it was like, what the hell
rampage in east san jose is due back in court today. he faces several serious charges and assault with a deadly weapon. the man was on drugs when he deliberately crashed his car inside the store and then started attack being people with a blunt metal object. now you can get more information by going to our knew knew web paint and one of the customers helped to pin down that suspect before police arrived. >>> it happened this morning on the off ramp to state route 13 and a drive left and the teen teen is not investigating whether they treated them a mile away. chp is investigating in mill bray was under the influence. the driver lost control and no passengers were in that cab at the time but the driver was taken into custody after being a breath test. let's check in with sal for a look at the complete early morning commute. >>> right now we are morning traffic and traffic on 880 westbound look good headed out and also if you are at the bay bridge teleplay is a right now it is a nice looking 280 and roads are dry or moatly dry anyway and will make a dig dips for this mourn's commute
, desde washington univisión. >> tenemos cobertura local donde en la bahia piden una reforma, en san jose hay movilizaciónes y ahpora hay una vigilia. >> ramon buenas tardes. >> gracias, buenas tardes, el primero de los venetos comenzo en san jose, y termino con vigila en donde se escucharon casos desgarradores. >> es la vigilia que se celebro a las 4 de la tarde, un caso es la separacion de familia. >> esty en proceso de deportacion. >> tiene una pesadilla al tener dos hijas ciudadanas. >> mi hija fue de vacaciones la recogimos al aeropuerto, por uan pregunta, salieron a buscar a los padres y comenzo los pesadillas. >> compar recuerda eventos cuando murió su padre y en spera de ser ciudadano, pero quedaron en un limbo. >> quedamos solos, era triste, era difícil por que empeze a ir a la high school. >> dijo que vivieorn donde pudieron. >> en parques en campind. >> es justamente en la tarde, en san jose mientras tanto tenemos persona que se calcula que mas de cientas de ellos concluyo en el centro ubicado en san jose, desde ustedes a estudios centrales. >> vamos al este ciento de person
or share to join other fans supporting the team. >>> san jose shark fans lining up and buying tickets. the time and the opponents are still to be determined. prices range from $76 to nearly $300. >>> we saw police units and a school monitor posted on lee avenue this afternoon. police say two teenager students racing their bmw after school on monday when they hit each other and a woman remained hospitalize in the city. >>> this month, 12 homes have been burglarized. they hit five houses monday alone. when victim of that says he had hidden cameras along with alarm and he bought a gun. >> what you had is yours and you should not have to arm yourself like in the wild wild west but if that's what had to be done, i will do it. >>> chevy ron says it is ramping up the crude oil. unit number 4 has been brought e company says the unit is expected to be fully operational by the end of summer. sending 15, 000 people to seek care at bay area hospital >>> the three alarm fire on the side of on south first street was reported about 9:30 last night. the floor was badly damaged and the buildin
.s. has not seen the north mobilize its mill tear. >>> and sunday's bizarre rampage in east san jose is due back in court today. he faces several serious charges and assault with a deadly weapon. the man was on drugs when he deliberately crashed his car inside the store and then started attack being people with a blunt metal object. now you can get more information by going to our knew knew web paint and one of the customers helped to pin down that suspect before police arrived. >>> it happened this morning on the off ramp to state route 13 and a drive left and the teen teen is not investigating whether they treated them a mile away. chp is investigating in mill bray was under the influence. the driver lost control and no passengers were in that cab at the time but the driver was taken into custody after being a breath test. let's check in with sal for a look at the complete early morning commute. >>> right now we are morning traffic and traffic on 880 westbound look good headed out and also if you are at the bay bridge teleplay is a right now it
morning. heading toward lunchtime, mid 60s closer to oakland. should still manage mid 70s through san jose and briefly through the tri-valley. tomorrow temperatures drop another three to five degrees tomorrow. cool for thursday. we warm back up with those numbers in the 80s as we kick off the weekend. >>> bay bridge toll plaza, backup forming. we have a nice easy drive with no metering lights yet. no problems right now. unexpectedly light for those areas. the lights should be turned on the next five minutes. east shore freeway, altamont very good. typical for highway 24. highway 84 shows that volume heading toward sunol and 680. typical slowing there. 58 0, top of your screen through dublin. lighter. folks are distracted by this car over on the shoulder there. they're still waiting for a flatbed tow truck. two cars. miner crash reported right around north livermore. typically see more slowing. folks are getting caught in the early backup heading westbound in the altamont pass. as far as traffic flow goes there in san jose. 101 to the earlier slowdown. starting to clear up. live shot here.
with san jose at 76 and let do my 70's for the peninsula, and the coast is breezy and upper 50's to low 60's and mid-to-upper 60's if downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and nice through the north bay headed up to your wine country and mid to upper 70's and the benches it is breezy and low-to-mid 60's and low to mid-70's for the east bay shore. headed to the east bay valley mid-to-upper 70's and livermore and wine country at 77 degrees. headed to the game, take a coat. you will need it. we will start at 60 at 7:00 and drop to 52 by association -- 10:00 and a lot stars. a few low 50's around antioch and richmond and san francisco. we drop six degrees by saturday, sunday, and monday, and monday is the below average mark but on wednesday and thursday the 70's and 80's will come back. >> mike is talking about fog and we have fog rolling in across san rafael sow down to three mile visibility. we have clear conditions right here at the toll plaza along the bay bridge with metering lights on. look at that sea of cars moving into the toll plaza. we have a report of a crash. ahead westbo
gym. >>> also new, san jose police looking for the driver who hit an officer with his car outside of hp pavilion. that officer was just released from the hospital. the story involves an attempted burglary and a sold-out concert. "today in the bay's" marla tallez is live near the pavilion in downtown san jose with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the intersection of delmas and san fernando. hp pavilion is just a few blocks away. this is where this officer-involved hit and run happened and where the suspect was last seen right here at this intersection. this all started last night right after a sold-out concert, about 11:30 last night. one of the people leaving this concert walked up to his car in an overflow parking lot right where we are on delmas. that's where he found the suspect attempting to burglarize his car. the suspect actually returned the items he was trying to take. police say that's when the suspect jumped into his own car, drove off, going about 40 miles per hour down delmas street the wrong way and that's when he hit an officer who was ju
nightclub on monterrey highway in san jose. they are investigating the possibility of an argument inside the club led to gunfire outside. police have not released any information or description of the gunman. in san leandro, police are trying to figure out how a woman died in her own driveway. the woman in her 50s was found early sunday morning lying in a pool of blood outside of her home on silver lake drive near east 14th street. a man who lives a few doors down told us the area is regularly patrolled by security. the sheriff's department says the coroner will now determine whether the woman was a victim of a crime. >>> a woman accused of stealing an suv with an 11-month-old child inside, a girl from san jose, expected to face a judge sometime this morning. you may remember that stolen vehicle led to a bay area wide amber alert last month. the girl's mother says she left her daughter inside the idling suv while she went back into the home to grab something. when she returned, the child and the car were gone. five hours later, officers found that suv with 11-month-old gabrielle safe ins
crash in to two homes in the past two years. as a san jose mom was inside of the home on lee avenue a bmw crashed through. her 9-year-old daughter suffered minor injuries but the mother was badly injured and is hospitalized in critical condition. investigators say the crash was the result of suspected racing between two teenager boys driving bmws. >> right now what we have is a felony, reckless driving with major injury. that's the only offense that we have so far. there may be more coming, depending on the information that's provide by additional witnesses. >> reporter: after arrested, they were released to their parents. one of the boys went to lehigh, less than a lock away from the crash. they say it is popular to race. >> a lot of people race around here and a lot of people drift fast. >> the speed limit is 25 but many driver much faster they say. one crash in january across the street from yrday's crash. linda says a teenager driver speeding smashed in to her driveway, totalled her two cars and narrowly missed hitting her home. >> when my son was here he would have been dead. >
. >> the body of a soldier from san jose is back on u.s. soil after he was killed over the weekend in afghanistan. the 24-year-old specialist was among five americans killed when a suicide car bomb detonateed sunday. also kill was a 25-year-old state department diplomat. the family is heartbroken. >> we honor him as a soldier myself and as a brother and all the other soldiers that have done their sacrificing for the country. >> he did not fear, he said if i am going to be gone, this is my mission, this is what i have to do. i'll accepting the fact. if it happens, it happens, mom. >> he was on the second deployment after joining the army in 2007 previously serving in iraq. four other americans were killed in the explosion. >> this morning, we will learn why steel rods on the span of the bay bridge broke. caltran will address the transportation commission. caltran is expected to answer questions on whether testing protocols were followed after three dozen steel rods snapped beneath the bridge deck last month. engineering experts and a private consultant criticized caltran saying that
will have more on the c.h.p. patrols coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> the san jose police department is getting fewer citizen complaints despite a russian rise if crime and a drop in the number of officers. independent police auditor found that there were 329 citizen complaint cases in 2012 which is a 7 percent decrease from the previous year. only 11 officers were disciplined for misticket -- misconduct a20 help year -- a 20-year low. they have been cutting down on public complaints saying the police internal affairs department is better at completing investigations in a timely manner. >> half dozen temperature records did you say were broken yesterday? >> he said that. >> we will take a peek at the forecast. >> remember the winds we talked about from the north bay hills? up to 22 in santa rosa and 30 in napa and 37 in fairfield is you are still stuck in the 60's this morning after hitting 80's and even 90 in a few areas. the clouds are lingering so the cool marine layer clouds are out there and so is the breeze that brings them. it is just a matter of time before it works inland and it will t
. many are showing up in downtown san jose this morning to see the burned out shell of appear historically important building. firefighters are resorting to alternative methods to make sure there are no victims inside the building. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> good morning, kristen. firefighters are just now getting inside and getting a look in the building to make sure there is no one in there. they don't have any reason to believe anyone is in there. they want to make sure. they say the building was vacant at the time. to many people in san jose, this was much more than just the building. >> this is one of several people who stopped by this morning to ski what is left of what was located on the bottom floor of the historic building in san jose that caught fire. people describe a place that was much more than just a bicycle shop. >> it was like a clubhouse. he did more than just...fix bikes. he had we barbecues and shows and... >> anthony rolled out a bicycle he the with scrap pieces from the bicycleship and spent six summers here putting bicycles tog
. they want to talk to him. they say his friend pulled a gun on a driver outside of 7-eleven on north san jose road april 15th. that driver quickly reversed and took off without getting hurt. deputies think the man in this video is a frequent customer of that 7-eleven and could help them catch the would be robber. >>> also in san jose, an off duty emergency medical technician and some of the students at san jose state are being hailed heroes this morning. they ran into a homeless shelter that caught fire to warn people inside to get out. it happened just before 6:00 last night at the villa, a shelter for women and children and also homeless people. thanks to quick thinking, no one was hurt. stephen gifford was parking his car in front of kappa sigma fraternity and on his way to class when he saw smoke and flames. >> it was running. i'm a certified emt, kind of trained to take on situations like that. act first, think second. >> we like that he's a giants fan as well. gifford and a few others ran in the building knocking on doors. everyone got out and san jose firefighters quickly put out the f
,000. >>> now to a story you'll only see here on nbc bay area. a san jose firefighter who nearly died on the job last year is heading back to work tomorrow. frank ryan had a heart attack while fighting flames at st. patrick cathedral near downtown san jose last august. his fellow firefighters gave him immediate attention, which ryan credits with saving his life. >> if this had happened somewhere else, outcome may be a little different. >> ryan has been a san jose firefighter for 17 years and was a paramedic for 20 years before that. his colleagues, many of them who haven't seen him in seventh month, welcomed him back to the fire house. tomorrow is his first official day back on the job. >>> new details on the strike that silenced a san francisco symphony. this afternoon, we learned the symphony has reached a tentative agreement with the musicians union, thus ending the two-week strike. the new 26-month contract will be put to a vote by the full orchestra. the board of governors also has to approve it. details are not being released until it is ratified. the musicians will return to the stage thi
the entire region involved. >> we know that every hotel room and every restaurant between here and san jose will be filled and that the entire region will come together and benefit tremendously from the hosting of the super bowl. >> reporter: now, the 49ers and the bay area will make their presentation in may. their formal presentation. they are competing against miami. if they don't win this time, there's a possibility that they could host super bowl li which they are also in congestion for. they will find out later this year. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco redevelopment deal worth almost $2 billion has reportedly fallen through. the agreement was between china development corporation and len arcorporation. it would -- lenar corporation. it would have brought 1200 homes to the naval shipyard and high-rise buildings to treasure lie nd -- island. ed lee is taking a positive spin on the state of the redevelopment plan. >> i don't think it's fueling apart. i just think we don't have the funding yet from the sources that we had previously wanted t
in san jose tonight for the evergreen school district board of trustees meeting. teachers took the opportunity to present their demands in the ongoing contract negotiations. they say teachers have sackified to help the district's finances and have not seen a salary increase since 2007. they oppose the attempts to reduce health benefits, which they believe are key to reta retaining and recruiting educators. >> we're concerned that negotiations are not going anywhere. we've asked a mediator to come in. the idea is to reach a settlement and they seem to be going backwards. >> we reached out to the school district tonight but have not been able to get a comment. >>> heading to california, the man police say shot a bay area rapper on the vegas strip will be extradited this month from los angeles to nevada. 27-year-old amare harris, a several described pimp is accused of the shooting on february 27 of kepeth cherry. >>> new evidence tonight in the murder of washington, d.c. intern shand a levy. the man convicted of killing her are asking for a new trial. the tape's existence was repo
forced a power alert in the san jose area. let's get straight out to ktvu's tara moriarty who is in san jose with what is going on right now. tara? >> reporter: sabotage or stealing copper. these are some theories being floated around out here. regarding what happened this morning, vandalism to the pg&e substakes and also some -- sub station and also vandalism down the road on monterey street here. authorities say some fiber cables were cut shutting down cell and landline service for thousands of at&t customers in the san jose and gilroy area. that means 911 calls were affected, although we don't know the extent of the problem just yet. this video shows the scene headed northbound on monterey. there's a fleet of pg&e and at&t service vehicles. this is the area from which sheriff's deputies say people heard 30 to 40 gunshots around 1:45 this morning. >> the substation has vandalized earlier this morning. there was damage done. there was an oil leak to the substation and we're currently working to assess the situation. >> reporter: pg&e reported a breach in one of the fences. our video sh
. >>> and developing news in san jose. a fire at a home packed with ammunition. it started in a garage off ostrich court and then spread to a pair of adjoining houses. a resident told firefighter there's were 2,000 rounds of ammunition inside. the fire captain, however, said the ammo doesn't pose a danger to them because it pops and does not fire the bullets. a neighbor says though it put on quite a show. >> pop, pop, pop. everybody was back on the street over there and as the firemen went in we migrated to over here. >> firefighters have controlled the fire. no one was hurt. >>> a break in the case of a paramedic murdered in oakland. police arrested five teenagers, all between the ages of 14 and 16. their arrests come on the same day as funeral services for quinn blair and two weeks after he was shot at a stop sign in the oakland hills. alan wang is live with new details for us. alan? >> carolyn, the arrests were announced here today shortly after the memorial service for a man police say was minding his own business when he was killed. and a lot of people were shocked to inned foo out those arr
children in one community in san jose are selling lemonade to raise money for the victims of a car crash in their neighborhood this week. the crash sent four people to the hospital including a 40-year-old mother after an out-of-control car slammed through a home. fund-raiser you see in front of the high school was started by a 12-year-old who is trying to raise a few hundred dollars to help a family she never met. >> i felt so bad so i told my mom i'd rather use my birthday money to spend on this girl and her family. >> you can't not do something. seeing the tragedy and seeing just and knowing how awful it was, and it could have been any of us. you can't not do something. >> this neighborhood community is also set up a give page for donations to the lee avenue crash victims. >> in oakland one is dead, two in the hospital after a triple shooting. police say it happened about 9:30 last night near 53rd and martin luther king jr. way. police say they have no suspects or motive. the shooting is the 32nd homicide of the year just a block from where a 21-year-old was shot in killed
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